The team at the Fox Hotel are South Brisbane with the reopening of The Meatball Factory

South Brisbane’s The Fox Hotel has reopened after refurbishments to reveal The Meatball Company, alongside it’s new Long Bar. The atmosphere is reminiscent of the NYC restaurants from which it takes it’s menu and design inspiration. Touches of chalkboard, exposed brick and even the menu design all work together to achieve this vibe.

For those of you who can’t get enough of these tasty little meaty morsels, dripping in sauce, you’ll be excited to know that there’s an exciting selection to work your way through.

From traditional beef ‘served in a smoky barbecue sauce’, to the vegetarian option of green pea & arborio with mint and manchego, there’s enough to keep even the fussiest of meatball connoisseurs in a state of constant delight.

‘Can’t decide?’, asks the menu, ‘that’s ok, we got the balls to do it!’ they exclaim. For those who just can’t choose, for $44/person the kitchen will do the deciding for you. For those who need something light, there’s a list of ‘rabbit food’ to keep you in good health. Make sure to leave a little space for one of the ice cream sandwich desserts – there’s chocolate hazelnut and strawberries and cream, to name but two.

If your love of meatballs extends beyond what might be deemed as socially acceptable, then you’ll be glad to know you’re in good company. The Meatball Company is giving you an opportunity to join the 500 Meatball Club. This is a chance to join the like-minded for meetings ‘held intermittently and involve a gathering of 50 members, who each receive 10 meatballs.’

Intrigued? Hungry? Get down to South Brisbane and have a ball.

The Meatball Company at The Fox Hotel, 71–73 Melbourne St, South Brisbane. Tel: 3844 2883, Monday to Sunday 12noon until late.