If you find yourself in a Brisbane nightspot on a Friday night, chances are you’ll notice a lot more cocktails coming across the bar than ever before.

More than the Sex & The City effect, it’s not only women who are ordering something a little more interesting than a standard drink, but a gradual shift across the board to a developing cocktail culture.

Brisbane Hilton Vintaged Bar + Grill bar manager Matt Chapman says since his arrival from New Zealand two years ago, he has noticed Brisbane’s development in the cocktail scene.

“I have noticed the growth of cocktail bars in the city, with bars specialising in particular liquors like whisky,” says Chapman.

“I believe this is attributed to people’s knowledge and understanding and desire to want to know more and be adventurous with their drinking habits. People would have never ordered a whisky sour, the thought of egg white in a cocktail is off-putting, but now they are being more adventurous with their decisions. Within the hotel I have noticed a trend towards guests requesting cocktails over wine and beer; we find most of our guests are tempted by our seasonal creations.”

Coming in to summer, cocktails are a great way to experiment with seasonal flavours, says Chapman.

“Summer is a great time for mixing and playing with different textures, flavours and ingredients, it’s the time when fresh herbs, tropical fruits, berries and local produce is thriving and we like to incorporate this as much as possible in to the Vintaged bar menu,” he says.

“We have concocted a cocktail of the month that makes the best use of seasonal produce – the ‘Clockwork Orange’ featuring oranges, raspberries, white chocolate, cardamom and a dash of soda, a perfect summertime fun drink!”

If the choices are overwhelming and you don’t know where to start, Chapman suggests a caiprioska.

“It’s a great base which allows you to tailor the drink to the guests tastes and you can virtually use any ingredient in season.”

Cairprioska –

  • Half a lime quartered
  • Dessert spoon of brown sugar
  • Muddle and short rocks glass
  • Add 60mls of your favourite vodka
  • Charge glass with ice
  • Shake vigorously
  • Enjoy!

Change it up by adding berries, passionfruit, kiwi fruit, pink grapefruit whatever your taste desires.