Avocados are a delicious, nutritious and versatile fruit which are seasonal and grown all year round, however in spring there are more varieties available than any other time of year.

 With an abundance of  seasonal Australian brands to choose from, it is easy to add an avocado every day to a variety of your meals

Tips For picking the perfect avo:

  1. Check the colour of the skin. In most cases when the avocado is green it is unripe, while a rich purple is ripe but firm. When the fruit darkens to a black shade it’s the perfect soft texture for a dip or spread.
  2. Test the avocados firmness. Use gentle pressure on the stem to see if it yields. If it does, it is ready to eat.
  3. If you plan to serve the avocado dish in a few days, stock up on hard, unripened fruit. This will provide enough time for the avocados to ripen.
  4. Avoid fruit with dark blemishes on the skin – it’s an indication of bruising.

Avocados are nutrient dense and studies have shown that half an avo can provide an average adult with 17 per cent of an adult’s daily fibre needs, while being packed with nutrients like vitamin K, vitamin E and potassium.

Whether it’s for school lunch boxes, a healthy lunch alternative in the office, or to sustain a busy mum on the move, avocados are an easy addition to a variety of meals.

Here at bmag we have wholeheartedly jumped on the bandwagon for this spring fruit – we simply can’t get enough! Here are our favourite ways to eat avo…

• Kate loves a slice of avo on her Vietnamese rice paper rolls
• Rachel’s trademark guacamole dip (guac) is a party favourite
• Helen loves her avo sliced thin and fresh on her toast each morning
• Robyn loves replacing butter with avocado on salad sandwiches
• Bonny eats her avocado straight out of the skin!

How do you eat your avo?