Eclectic enclave West End has a new favourite haunt in café/restaurant Depo.
Chef Erik van Genderen teamed up with designer Alexander Lotersztain to develop the space, the two creative minds envisioning a concept of a joint lounge, dining and gallery space.

“Depo is a cool warehouse-type space with a loft feeling, as if you’ve come to visit an eclectic house. It’s a relaxed setting but we’re offering a good quality product in terms of food and drinks,” says chef Erik van Genderen.

“(Designer) Alex travels all over the world for his design studio and visits a lot of antique places and markets to source pieces.

“We have a big buffalo head hanging above a 20-seat table, that’s my favourite feature. The kitchen wall is also completely decorated in gold sequins, and we have a really nice terrace with cool chairs and a blow-up sofa.”

As interesting as the décor, van Genderen’s concept for the food was based on local, fresh and sustainable produce.

“When I thought of the concept I wanted to work with as much local and sustainable food as I could,” he says.

The chef has partnered with Food Connect, an ethically-driven local food collective with a network of 90 farmers within a four-hour drive of Brisbane, as Depo’s primary supplier of fresh produce.

“Most of our stuff comes from Food Connect,” van Genderen says.

“I think everybody seems to be a bit more aware of the food they purchase and it makes more sense to get local and fresh, the food is packed and we get it the next day.

“Organic fruit and veges can be a bit more expensive but we’re cutting out the wholesaler so that we can get it for a good price.”

For fresh local fish, van Genderen has partnered with a group of chefs whose joint buying power sees them snap up fresh-from-the-boat fish in Brisbane a few times each week.

Depo is at 16 Horan St, West End.