Australia boasts it’s most destinctive red wine as the Shiraz and it’s quality is recognised internationally.

Shiraz is Australia’s defining distinctive red wine. Our most famous wine, Penfolds Grange, is a Shiraz along with a formidable list known internationally including: Henschke Hill of Grace; Mount Pleasant OP&OH and Rosehill; Tyrrell’s Vat series; Craiglee; Jim Barry “The Armagh”; Jasper Hill; Eileen Hardy; St Hallett “Old Block”; Rockford Basket Press; Clonakilla; Grant Burge Mesach; Seppelt Great Western and Wolf Blass Platinum.

Shiraz shares with Chardonnay the ability to grow in a wide range of climates, produce high quality and deliver a good sized crop. But it is difficult to make great. Wine writer Jancis Robinson in her book Vines Grapes and Wines attributes this to why it is not a more widespread grape in the world. Only in the Rhone Valley and in Australia has world class wine been made.

Shiraz is known as Syrah (pronounced sirr-ar) in most countries and there is a town called Shiraz in the south east of Iran – ancient Persia. Current Australian trends include less alcohol but plenty of flavour, less oak and a medium palate.

For good examples, try:

Cirillo Single Vineyard Shiraz 2010; Barossa Valley (RRP$26)
A blueberry aroma to enjoy with sweet meat.

Greenstone 2010; Heathcote (RRP$38)
Quite dry with spicy exotic pepper berry aromas.

Luke Lambert Crudo Shiraz 2011; Yarra Valley (RRP$25)
Cherry aroma; match to barbecued meats.

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