Whilst a restaurant review is simply a snapshot of one or two visits, based on the reviewer’s qualifications and experience, it can paint a reasonable picture of a restaurant’s ability and appeal.

And a good review is usually a mix of education, information and entertainment. Some readers have asked me how I can say a place is good but give them a low score. The scoring system I use is relative and based on the system also used by The Sydney Morning Herald…

Whilst a “nook” suggests a small corner, The Nook is quite spacious, seating up to 170 guests, and it can be very busy especially on weekends. The Nook is the latest venture from the team who ran the Gardenway Café for the past 14 years. Breakfast from 7am includes the usual bacon and eggs, eggs benedict, pancakes and fresh fruit – all simple but done well, with generous servings and quality, fresh ingredients – and good coffee.

Lunch from 11.30am includes a Reuben sandwich, Caesar salad, calamari and burger through to Confit duck and grilled steak. Dinner on Friday and Saturday is a tapas-style sharing menu. The food is fresh, well-crafted and flavoursome and there is a good wine list.

The service is friendly and efficient and kids are well catered for. The Nook is simple, good quality café food done well in a great atmosphere. It’s worth a visit.