The “fusion” style of cooking is inspired by a melting pot of cultures, particularly those of the Pacific Rim and south-east Asia.

The emphasis is on simplicity and balance, resulting in food that is fresh, light and vibrant and full of contrasting flavours and textures – a blend of traditional Australia with the fresh new flavours of Asia. Fusion helps to satisfy the continuing consumer demand for novelty and gives chefs creative freedom to experiment and invent new dishes.

Saké is a wonderful multi-sensual experience – and is fusion at its best. This is an experience to be shared – share a range of entrees and mains. We started with edamame ($8) – lightly salted soybeans, steamed until tender; just suck the beans out of the pod. Sashimi tacos ($15) evoke Mexican but are made of crisp rice tacos filled with raw tuna and salmon, with a tomato salsa and a saké shot – fabulous textures and imagery. Steamed prawn dumplings ($16) with a spicy ponzu sauce are tender and full of flavour. Butterfish lettuce cups combine crisp fresh lettuce with grilled marinated butterfish.

For mains we shared popcorn shrimp ($27) – bite-sized deep fried tempura prawns tossed in a creamy sauce – a mix of crisp, cream and crunch. Grilled scampi ($33) – tender scampi prawns grilled with a green tea dressing were served on a bed of shredded vegetables. Saké is Modern Japanese – very different, exciting and innovative. A fusion of East and West that really works. The dishes are dynamic but, at the same time, real meals that satisfy.

Miso soup and steamed rice are a must and there is a wide range of sushi, sashimi and traditional Japanese dishes, all with a slightly modern Australian accent. Leave room for dessert. The green-apple millefeuille is a sublime tower of apple mousse with layers of crispy thin pastry. The Bento Box is a selection of ice creams, chocolate and donuts. The chocolate garden is an exquisite arrangement of chocolate mousse, chocolate biscuit, chocolate ice-cream – too good to share!

This is a fabulous assault on the senses. Well-crafted food complemented with an impressive array of saké. Saké, like its sister in Sydney, has won many accolades and awards. The service is fast and good. The atmosphere is brisk and a little dimly lit but with an open kitchen, long shared tables and several secretive private rooms for parties and private meetings. This is a restaurant worth a special journey!