My mother used to call me a grub – when I was very young and had been playing in the dirt or with a face covered in food!

But, of course, grub is also a slang or colloquial term for food…and has similar origins in the garden. The origin is thought to come from 17th century England based on the definition of “to grub” meaning “to dig” as in “let’s eat whatever we can dig up”.

Grub, meaning food, invokes homely, traditional, back-to-basic flavours. Simple but memorable dishes that we recall as children, taking us back in time to simpler, less chaotic times. Food that is as simple as it is inventive – using whatever we can dig up – fresh and full of flavour! This is what you will find at Grub Street.

Grub Street is a small café on a busy intersection corner in suburban Gaythorne. It seats just 18 and serves well-crafted fresh grub for breakfast and lunch. It is popular with all ages – especially for breakfast. On my first visit, for breakfast, there were small children as well as adults all enjoying Stix’s (owner, chef and passionate foodie) hands-on hospitality.

Whilst renowned for the Asian pulled pork omelette with chilli jam, herb salad and black vinegar dressing ($18) I could not go past the “green eggs” and ham ($17) – Dr Seuss would have been impressed with the soft creamy scrambled eggs, cooked with pesto sauce and served with a generous slice of smoky ham off-the-bone, intense roasted tomatoes and sourdough bread. The coffee (from $3) is good and strong – teas, shakes and smoothies ($6) are also available.

On my second visit, for lunch, in one corner two soldiers from the nearby Enoggera Barracks (hard to see in their camouflage uniforms) were tucking into a steak sandwich with tomato, cheddar, onion jam and rocket ($17) and the chorizo burger with roasted peppers and jalapeno jam ($12.50). I had the pulled pork salad with roast peanuts, Asian herbs, carrot and tamarind glaze ($18) – beautifully cooked, soft yet full of flavour. For dessert, a chocolate brownie with peanut butter ice cream ($7.50) was simply delightful, bringing back many childhood memories – the brownie moist, thick and intensely chocolate with a decadent, rich homemade peanut butter ice cream.

Everything at Grub Street, except the artisan bread, is made from scratch using free range eggs and pork, and the menu changes every two or three months. A range of jams, relishes and chutneys are also available for sale to take away. Grub Street has been named by Gourmet Traveller as one of Brisbane’s best cafés and, like a Michelin One Star restaurant, is worth stopping for!