A melting pot of the colourful colours, flavours and sounds of mash up of the street markets of South East Asia and the alleyways and bars of the Golden Gai in Shinjuku, Heya promises a fun night out.

This heady combination of delicious food, banging beats and excellent positioning almost guarantees success and since the launch last week, the place fills fast each night.

Andrew Baturo from Heya explained, “The concept started to take root after we saw the layout in the space that was the Brunswick Social. It is a totally unique space considering it used to house the printing presses for the old Sun Newspaper.”

The aesthetics are subdued, the ambience reminiscent of a retro drinking den in 70s NYC and there are pockets of seating to choose from. Located below street level, Heya is a subterranean space for lovers of Asian fare, liquor and loud music. Look out for the wallpaper made from vintage comics and watch the light dance on the liquor bottles hanging above the bar. The venue is set up with a stage to accommodate live music plus there are pool tables, video games and booths lit by candles.