Finally! Doughnut Time opened it’s (very) small doors and for 12 hours every day (unless sold out), you can get your doughnut fix.

There has been much hype surrounding the opening of Doughnut Time in Fortitude Valley. A hole-in-the-wall stop-n-go spot where all your sugary dreams can come true.

Their system is set up to bake doughnuts every two hours so even if you arrive and find that your favourite flavour is not on offer, you can always pop back in 120 minutes to try again. Or better yet, if you live or work locally, just get them to deliver straight to your mouth, sorry, door.

Stopping by to sample this goods and take some photos of the tiny, mint-green space, staff members sneakily mentioned the best donuts that sometimes get overlooked for the more flashy flavours. Attention – DO NOT overlook Pistachio Butternut – you have been warned. This is the choice for all staff on site day and who are we to argue with the experts.

Other notable creations include…

Love At First Bite – a nutella-filled nugget of chocolately dough amazingness.
Creme De La Creme – a creme-brulee nod to the Parisian in all of us.
The Americana – Frank Underwood as the President eats peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on House of Cards, so surely we can assume he would be a fan of the doughnut version? We don’t need any more encouragement.
The Disco Biscuit – a decadent-looking doughnut that tkes Oreo eating to a whole new level.
The Way To Her Heart – a classic jam-filled doughnut done to perfection.

Sold individually or in boxes, each doughnut is handmade and crafted with love and precision. The movable stack of shelves houses tray upon tray of doughnuts that rapidly empties each hour. Open from 8am – 8pm (9am on Sundays) seven days a week, Doughnut Time is always there for you, providing your sugar fix.

Not that we encourage an unhealthy lifestyle, so eat in moderation (ha, we’d like to see you try) and go for a run afterwards. If you would like to proclaim your DT love to the world, you can purchase a specially-designed tee and there are three fun prints to choose from.

Also, we feel it is our duty to mention that they also offer donut milkshakes that look ridiculously good, like a heart attack in a glass. But, oh what a way to go. Flavours include Peanut Buttercup and Strawberry with Persian Fairy Floss.