Finally, grown up goodies for adults with a delicious selection of artisan, handmade and preservative-free confectionery and chocolate is on offer at newly-opened New Farm Confectionery.

The adorable hole-in-the-wall one-stop-shop for all things sweet is the brainchild of qualified chef Jodie Neilson.

Realising there was huge gap in the market after returning from trips to France where she watched burly builders stop for a little confectionery treat on their meal breaks and loving the attitude of adults over there towards candy. Knowing there was no one catering to the confectionery market over here, Jodie decided to use her culinary skills for the greater good and started making handmade marshmallows, crunchy peanut brittle, sweet sauces and an assortment of candies.

The tiny space sits prettily on the side of the refurbished New Farm Cinemas and is directly opposite Choquette and The Continental Cafe. Her entrance is flanked by bright green potted trees, the interior is warmly lit and from the depths of her tiny commercial kitchen wafts mouthwatering smells of caramel.

Her range is small but perfect, offering goodies such as fluffy marshmallows in flavours like lime, blackberry and chocolate which are all made with real fruit and melt in your mouth like sugary clouds. Or ii something crunchier more to your liking, then the peanut brittle is ideal, packed full of nuts (sourced locally) and it snaps with a satisfying crack when you bite it. Jodie also makes nougats, salted caramels (as individually-wrapped sweets, lollipops on short sticks and as a dessert sauce), and a variety of chocolatey items like honeycomb and slabs of different flavoured chocolate bark.

Neilson is a qualified chef who was looking to work again when her daughter has reached school age. Even though she had no experience in the arena of sweets and chocolate, she taught herself, experimenting with recipes until she loved it enough to eat it herself. After getting more and more requests from friends to make that treat or this recipe, she decided to start selling her goodies at the Eat Street Markets and the response was overwhelming. After finding the right location, Neilson (with the help of her supportive hubby) opened her one-woman show two weeks ago and started selling sweet treats.

Neilson proudly points out that “there are no preservatives or additives and I use the freshest ingredients I can get my hands on. I only use Belgium chocolate, I source my nuts locally, fruit is from a supplier on the Gold Coast and everything is gluten-free.” This means that the shelf life of her products is short and she has no plans to stock in large retailers like Woolworths. Keeping it small and serviceable, this lady values quality over quantity.

There is adorable seats out the front where you can sit and sip on one of her amazing milkshakes. Choose from flavours raspberry and chocolate, peanut butter, salted caramel, marshmallow, honeycomb and white chocolate and lime. She will soon also be offering hot chocolates and a spiced chai. Current favourites of her customers are the salted caramels and her milk-chocolate-covered honeycomb but you’ll need to make up your own mind because when faced with a wall of treats, everything looks equally as appetising.

At the moment, New Farm Confectionery is open five days a week from Wed-Sun. For more information, check out our dining guide. days a week from 10am-6pm. fri/sat 10-late, sun 10-2pm