Hankering for sweet waffles with your morning coffee? Or craving some delicious New York-inspired lunch time options? Then Red Hook in Gresham Lane should be on your must-visit list.

Tom Sanceau and Bonnie Shearston continue to create businesses that beckon enticingly to Brisbane diners.

Coming off the success of Canvas in Woolloongabba and Public in the CBD, this duo know how to cater to the crowd’s specific cravings. Their latest venture is bar and restaurant Red Hook, nestled down deep in Gresham Lane, and is a celebration of American street food.

Bonnie explains: “When we were looking at where we could open a new business, we found this little empty shell of a space and it reminded us of a food truck in a way. And American street food is a trend that has exploded onto the scene and is definitely not going anywhere so we combined those concepts. As well, we wanted to offer a variety of styles of food and change it up, similar to a food truck. Plus Brisbane is such a summer state and really appreciates and embraces a healthy lifestyle so we wanted the versatility to offer fresher, lighter options as the weather warms up.

Tom adds: “We love the laneway culture and both of us are drawn to the challenge of an odd location. If you look back at our past venues (Canvas, Public), neither were opened in conventional locations and we actually enjoy creating a destination venue. We see the potential of interesting spaces.”

Gresham Lane then, was an excellent choice for them and continues to evolve and grow with public art and art projections being commissioned in the very near future. Brisbane also has a love affair with all things al fresco, especially throughout summer, and Red Hook offers a feeling of dining spaciousness as you munch on your meals.

“If you closed your eyes, you could be anywhere in the world,” Tom muses, “such is the diversity of this laneway.”

Open for breakfast for coffee and sweet waffles, lunch for all things Americana and at night, you can enjoy drinks, dinner and cool tunes in this unique urban space.

Find Red Hook via Gresham Lane or 88 Creek Street.